jueves, 24 de mayo de 2007

Off the kennel

Well, it is D-Day + 1.

Classes ended yesterday, with the atrocious "dog show" assignment of presenting to one another our thesis "findings"...

(even though we haven't had time or focus to research, do fieldwork, reflect, or otherwise come up with any findings)...

I had a big outburst last Friday about this. All the frustration about assignments that don't make sense, lack of thinking about the real educational implications of an assignment, and frustration with institutional learning disabilities, just swelled up and out of my mouth before I could do anything to contain it.

Small mercy! I don't think I could have kept all that bottled up inside, after hearing all that came out of my frustration.

Now, it's the first day of rest. I've spent the first productive hours on my computer fueling the bonnfire of APEP, the national peace studies association that all UPEACE ticos think it's a great idea to create, but most haven't really devoted any time to getting it off the ground.

I interviewed a couple of cleaining ladies, hoping one will turn out okay... and went looking for places that Jenny and I can move to in September.

Along the way, I ran into my grades 4 & 6 math teacher, Mrs. Mata. She looks to be in great shape, retired only last year, and is active in philantropic work. It seems her daughter left her successful engineering career (also) to study environmental management at UNED.

I walk around like I'm missing a part of me. I don't know if it's the effect of the first day outside the overwhelm & mad pace of grad-school-in-1-year, or if I'm just in advance mourning about everyone that will be going away in the coming days...

The cat that Jenny and I are refusing to adopt is outside crying again. And I'm here writing and trying to keep it real.

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