martes, 29 de mayo de 2007

Affirmations on masculinity and power

So, is masculinity essentially harmful?

In a tacit way, through contradictions between his beliefs, his actions, scars from past humiliations, and his often rampant bigotry, this is pretty much what I learned from my father early in life.

It took much work to reclaim my masculinity as a source of goodness and nurture for myself and others. The change was much harder in form than in substance...

One day, in August of 1999, after a particularly strong session of rebirthing, Francesca, my rebirther confronted me with a strong clarity about the beliefs that were imprinting my relationship to masculinity...

What came out is probably the strongest transformation of my views that I've been able to capture in writing...

Each of these affirmations came out of (and serves as the tantric antidote to) one or more beliefs acquired from my father:

8 Affirmations on Truly Powerful Men

  • Truly powerful men enrich the lives of those they come into contact with.

  • Truly powerful men give of themselves freely and set powerful boundaries. I forgive my father for teaching me otherwise. He was wrong. He meant well.

  • Truly powerful men allow Truth to shine out.

  • True Power is Divine Wisdom
    Divine wisdom guides Choice
    Choice brings Responsibility
    Responsibility is Freedom
    Freedom is Power.

  • Truly powerful men express themselves including their feelings.

  • Truly powerful men see the power in Others.

  • Truly powerful men understand that every Person is responsible for their own Wellbeing.

  • True power is Love, Love is Invulnerable.

Tarbaca, Costa Rica. August 1999

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