viernes, 20 de julio de 2007

How an organization can act like an addict

My mind, prompted by recent events, has gone back to this old handout, which I first learned about got when I was training as a rape prevention instructor at BAMM (now Bay Area Impact)

From the Teamwork section, Model Mugging instructor manual
  • Offering a promise for the future while ignoring the problems of today
  • Operating to create and maintain an false image - decisions based on keeping a good image, not on real needs or honesty
  • Determining what to do based on how it will look to others
  • Invalidating any views that threaten status quo - no channel to get honest feedback
  • Fabrication of personality conflicts to shift attention away from real issues
  • Dualistic thinking - simple solutions for complex problems
  • Us against the world, us against them attitude
  • Using perks, praise, promises to get people to act in ways they are not in agreement with/overworked, under-paid, etc.
  • Isolating people who don't go along with the crowd, plan, policy

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