domingo, 3 de junio de 2007

Starting work on my Thesis Blog

Well, I'm finally caught up on old journal entries and other assorted thoughts I wanted to transfer into here. Now, unfortunately it is time to roll my sleeves up and dive into that big tank-o-jell-o that I call my thesis.

I've promised myself no more idle blogging unless I've put in at least as much time polishing up my thesis. This means I won't be here as much, and I'll be way more invested in my Thesis Progress Blog: Deliberative Environmental Governance.

Please come over, post comments, frown at my bizarre ideas, light votive candles to Saint Jude (or to Sherab Chamma), whatever works!!

The link to that other blog is:

(or just click on the title to this article)

Hope to have you over for coffee and to being enriched by your input.

Garuda / Sergio.

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